Our Mission

Our mission is to empower businesses by pushing their brand online and turning clicks into customers. As consumers begin to make decisions about their purchases for the products and services they need online, local businesses must build their brands online and have the capabilities to generate customers online.

IJ Media was founded by Isaac Jeong, and his brothers Yoo Suk (Josh) Jeong and Daniel Jeong. Our family immigrated to America with only $700 and 10 luggage bags. Despite the odds, our parents took the leap to start their own auto repair shop in Salisbury, MD. 15 years later, it is one of the most respected auto shops in the city. Seeing how our parents grew the business and were able to give so much value to the local community, Isaac was inspired to create a marketing agency to serve local businesses with modern marketing services to help them serve more people within their community.

Our team strives to keep a startup mentality to continuously develop new methods and strategies to provide better services for our clients.

Creative Director

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